OPI and NOPI haul, with swatches and comparisons

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 I bought all of these babies at TJ Maxx. They often have a huge selection of nail polish at discount prices. I've never paid full price for an OPI of NOPI polish in my life. Still, it's a huge burden on my wallet because I can never resist buying them. This time they had such awesome colors too. I got some nail wheels from Sally Beauty and decided to swatch them to see how they'd look.

 From left to right, they are OPI It's My Year & Gold Shatter, Nicole by OPI "Baby" Blue & Coral Denominator, and OPI Not Like the Movies & Silver Shatter.

NOTD: Nicole by OPI He's a Keeper

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Nicole by OPI He's a Keeper  is a red creme. Not quite "classic" red, but close. A nice shade with a decent formula. This was 3 coats.

My Christmas Mani

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Happy holidays everybody! I've returned in time to post my first foray into nail art. I tried to make my nails loook like Christmas ornaments, and I had a really nice and simple design planned, but when it came to actually execute the thing, it just didn't happen. I am not skilled with a brush at all, and in my attempt to even out the lines I made them too thick. I put glitter on them in an attempt to distract from my mistake, but that ended up being overkill. I don't know if I'm up for doing nail art again. It takes such a long time and the result isn't that great.

Colors Used:
Savina Emerald
Essie Thigh High
Pure Ice Bite Me!
Color Club Gingerbread
Nubar 2010 (Barely noticeable, but it's there)

NOTD: Nicole by OPI Wild Blue Yonder

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Nicole by OPI Wild Blue Yonder is a simple blue shimmer. There's a small hint of purple in the bottle, but it doesn't show up on the nail at all, which is a shame. Even though I'm more into the glitzy colors, I love this one. It just looks fantastic on me. The formula was pretty good as well. Even coverage in 3 coats. I still can't get behind the flat wide brush, though.

I have the matte version of this color as well, so I'll do a comparison in the future.

NOTD: Nicole by OPI Yellow It's Me

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Get it? Yellow, it's me? Ah, OPI and their cheesy puns. Yellow It's Me is a yellow creme with flecks of unidentifiable color thrown in. I can't decide whether that shimmer you see is pink or orange. There's green/gray in there too. The color is nice in theory, but I just can't get yellow (or most light colors for that matter) to work for me. The shimmer's so subtle, it may as well not be there at all.

That's six coats up there, so it has definite coverage issues. I'm willing to put up with a so-so formula for a nice result, but this one just isn't my cup of tea.