My Christmas Mani

Happy holidays everybody! I've returned in time to post my first foray into nail art. I tried to make my nails loook like Christmas ornaments, and I had a really nice and simple design planned, but when it came to actually execute the thing, it just didn't happen. I am not skilled with a brush at all, and in my attempt to even out the lines I made them too thick. I put glitter on them in an attempt to distract from my mistake, but that ended up being overkill. I don't know if I'm up for doing nail art again. It takes such a long time and the result isn't that great.

Colors Used:
Savina Emerald
Essie Thigh High
Pure Ice Bite Me!
Color Club Gingerbread
Nubar 2010 (Barely noticeable, but it's there)

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